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Interested in group training? Great!

I love training groups.

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Group training is as follows:

I. 4-8 students = $750 / per person

II. 9 or more students = $700 / per person

The group training cost is based on the estimated time needed for training. Average training time is 2-3 hours depending on the number of questions. Training details are shown on the page. As you can see, I cover a huge amount of substantive material. No fluff! No wasting of your time and money. Your group can train with me from the comfort of their homes via my GoToMeeting license.

IMPORTANT: Unlike many other trainers who only offer prerecorded videos and charge thousands of dollars for far less content, you can actually ask me questions in real time!

Also included with training are:

1. Post-training guidance (unlimited for life)

2. One month of my FREE text alerts, as shown on the page.

3. A copy of the training material (e.g. slides, videos, annotated charts, etc). All materials are from my "actual trades" in the stock market.

Trading stocks can be super easy! Here's proof...

1. - Compare that exhaustive list to any other stock trader in the world!

2. $58,798 profit while in Hawaii.

  1. 3.$314,966.77 profit within 12 months.

4. $100,498.78 profit within one month.

Collectively, that's $474,263.55 profit “as proof” in recent months! Compare that to any other stock trader in the world!

Let's win together! Contact me here to discuss your group training needs.